Our Clients


Our clients are spread on a broad range of several industries such as Financial Services sector, Retail sector, Media & Marketing Agencies, Real Estate sector and others. All these sectors can make use of the SMS services in their business practices; such as SMS Advertising, SMS Notifications, SMS Alerts, SMS Announcements, SMS Greetings, and SMS Payment.  


Business & marketing professionals can send bulk SMS through eZagel SMS Gateway, one of the few licensed SMS Gateways in Egypt, to enhance their communication process with their clients and/or prospects. SMS services can support your Business-to-Business (B2B) and direct marketing activities. It also allows you to personalize your customer communication, which is very important in today’s customer loyalty programs and customer retention strategies.


Nowadays, the modern technology has changed the customer relationship management (CRM) and the customer retention tools. SMS solutions is considered one of the effective database marketing tools that will help marketing and business practitioners to stay connected with their clients and prospects. This enables your business to provide better loyalty programs and customer experience while enhance the client retention rate. SMS communication should complement and support your online and email communication, using them simultaneously will give you better results. SMS solutions will also provide you clients with more convenient services and accordingly will increase your client satisfaction rate.



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